P.M. Insulations Products & Services

P.M. Insulations provide insulation and fire prevention solutions for mechanical engineers, heating contractors and air conditioning suppliers. We can support you, whatever the project – from all types of insulation contractor services, through to Fire Resistance systems, Electrical Trace Heating Cables, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Marine Services.

Our specialist services deliver the technical disciplines you need to complete your job – all our work complies with the necessary industry standards. P.M. Insulations will work with you to ensure you receive the best results, on-time and on-budget.

Our Products & Services

From Insulation Services, through to Fire Safety and Thermal Tracing solutions, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Marine Services, click on the boxes below to find out more about our comprehensive range of services to industry:

Industrial Process Insulation


P. M. Insulations offer a wide variety of heating and ventilation insulation solutions for buildings, keeping the circulating cold air, hot water or warm air at a constant temperature, thus providing a more efficient system and preventing condensation.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal

P. M. Insulations own in-house fabrication workshop, with skilled sheet metal workers undertaking the fabrication of metal cladding to your specifications. We provide tailored solutions to your individual sheet metal requirements, providing design, build and installation of pipework and ductwork.


Trace Heating

We provide a wide range of thermal insulation services, to protect pipes from freezing a well designed and installed pipe freeze protection system keeps water flowing. We provide innovative solutions for use in industrial, residential and commercial construction applications.

Marine Services


Marine insulations products have excellent properties as a passive guarantee of the fire safety of ships. The products used must be capable of withstanding high temperatures, and must be tested and approved according to the rules and regulations of International Maritime Organisation.


Industrial Process

PM Insulations supply and install a wide variety of industrial pipe insulation solutions, including steam and process pipes in power plants, process pipeworks in paper and chemical pulp industries, heating and ventilation system.



Tailored, bespoke systems developed for internal wall and ceiling industrial applications, where special sound insulation or sound absorption are required. In industrial facilities, noise levels from machinery, pipe work and ducting can rise so high that it affects the working environment.


Fire Insulation,
Partitions & Structures

A full range of fire protection systems for your buildings, including fire partitions offering a high melting point, fire protection solutions for steel structures, as well as fire retardant and intumescent coatings.

Building Insulation


P.M. Insulations’ building insulation systems combine the highest levels of thermal performance, with fire and acoustic requirements, for commercial buildings where the required performance is higher than the basic specifications.

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