Marine Services
Marine Services

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Marine Services

The marine industry sets very high requirements for safety and comfort on board. Products and constructions to be used for fire protection must be tested and approved according to the rules and regulations of International Maritime Organisation.

Marine insulations products have excellent properties as a passive guarantee of the fire safety of ships. The products used must be capable of withstanding high temperatures – find out more below:


PM Insulations provide a wide range of marine insulation solutions, including fire insulation, thermal insulation and air duct solutions.

Ship Fire Insulation

Fire insulation on ships must meet very high requirements. Manufacturers Paroc has tested several A-class constructions for aluminium and steel decks and bulkheads. Products avalible are Paroc Marine Wired Mats and Paroc Marine Fire Slabs, both with and without facings.

Thermal Insulation Choices

Choosing the right thermal insulation solutions, the optimum indoor climate temperature along with energy savings can be achieved. In addition, the excellent acoustic properties of thermal insulation can be utilised.

Air Duct Insulation

Insulation products ensure the comfort, safety and economic efficiency of ductwork systems on board. Several facing options, fit to size sections and a wide range of mats enable easy and fast installation.

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