Acoustic Insulation

P.M. Insulations:
Acoustic Systems

P.M. Insulations’ Acoustic Systems are tailored, bespoke systems developed for internal wall and ceiling industrial applications, where special sound insulation or sound absorption are required. Particularly in industrial facilities, noise levels from machinery, pipe work and ducting can rise so high that it affects the working environment, and can cause Health & Safety issues if precautions are not taken.

The most effective way to solve these problems are to separate the people from the noise-generating machinery, by building sound-insulated machine rooms, control rooms or acoustic screens. We rigorously check acoustic insulation solutions before recommending them, and take care to make certain it fulfils the client’s requirements.  


When there are issues related to travelling sound in either new build or existing buildings, independent acoustic insulation is often the only solution. PM Insulations offer a wide range of insulation systems for walls, floors, ceilings and doors in industrial settings.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can have a significant impact on people’s health. Those living and working in cities are especially vulnerable, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)1. Controlling noise levels at the source is not always possible – but quality sound insulation of the building can offer a valuable solution.

Pipework Noises

Falling water noise is transferred via un-insulated pipes to wall and ceiling elements, and from there to adjoining rooms where they create an ongoing disturbance to occupiers. Small sounds can carry and even amplify as they travel through solid materials like plumbing and rainwater pipes. Noise in plumbing and rainwater pipes is caused by a variety of reasons including water hammer, loose pipes and high water pressure. Each of these generates noise as water flows through them, resulting in them quickly becoming a source of irritation to building occupants


Our knowledgeable engineers are experienced and specifically trained in all aspects of thermal and acoustic insulation applications. All engineers hold valid TICA (Thermal insulation contractors association) skill cards.

Soundproofed Ductwork

Product like Mufti-Lag or Techwrap2 are a laminate product made up of mineral wool insulation, acoustic membrane and a layer of reinforced aluminium foil. They have been specially engineered to facilitate the highest standard of noise control to square of rectangular and circular ductwork.

Soundproofed Pipework

Products like ROCKWOOL Techtube is a pre-formed pipe section layered with Acoustic Membrane and a reinforced aluminium foil outer. It has been specially engineered to facilitate the highest standard of noise control for pipework.

Soundproofed Soil & Rainwater

One of the most common sources of nuisance noise in living and working environments emanates from wastewater and rainwater pipes. Products like ArmaComfort and Mufti-Lag have been specially engineered to help combat this common issue.

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