Sheet Metal Fabrication

P.M. Insulations:
Sheet Metal Fabrication

P M Insulations operatives are skilled sheet metal workers who can undertake the fabrication of metal cladding to your specifications. We have extensive experience in this area, and have an excellent reputation for the quality of work produced.

We work with various types of cladding materials, including Aluminium, Aluzink, Bright Annealed Stainless Steel and PVC coated steels, we ensure quick delivery times and the demands of our customers are met. New materials like Plastisol provide great protection, decades of durability and are visually pleasing.


PM Insulations have the facilities to provide tailored solutions to your individual sheet metal requirements, providing design, build and installation of pipework and ductwork.

Sheet Metal Choices

Stucco embossed or plain aluminium, Stainless steel, Aluzinc or Galvanized sheet metal are all popular choices. Painted aluminium or plastisol sheet metal can be supplied in a wide range or colours to suit your project requirements.


Using the latest advances in technology, we can supply sheet metal products quickly, efficiently and to the highest industrial standard. Our skilled workforce have the combined experience and knowledge to manufacture to any specification, regardless of size or complexity.


Insulation sheet metal cladding is durable, lightweight and an excellent choice to protect pipe insulation from damage and the effects of weather. It is highly resistant to all weather conditions. All claddings have excellent mechanical strength at a low thickness and are also great for protecting pipe insulation against chemical spill damage.

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